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Today yoga is more famous than really known or understood. Many believe that yoga is only about health, flexibility and relaxation, however, one of the main ideas of yoga is the awakening of our inner potential. Within each of us there are great possibilities and immense power that we can discover and learn to harness through yoga.


Yoga Course

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About Ananda Yoga

Ananda comes from Sanskrit (आनन्द) and means ecstasy, bliss. The Yoga School Ananda it is the sanctuary where we find balance, inner peace and harmony in the midst of the hectic ocean of daily activities and responsibilities. It is the place where we offer in-depth Yoga, Tantra and Meditation courses, as well as workshops and retreats on related topics. We believe that these spiritual traditions provide the most effective tools for modern men and women to transform themselves, develop their true potential and fulfill their highest aspirations. It is a place where the spiritual tradition of Tantra - Yoga is shared with love, wisdom and altruism by international teachers who have integrated all this deep knowledge and valuable in his life for more than 20 years.

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If you want to try our course, live the experience and feel the benefits of doing yoga in your life, you can assign a trial class in our calendar, you must attend at least 15 minutes before.

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